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Napa Valley Unified School District

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    Recharge Your Brain with Summer Reading
    Reading during summer break is one of the most important activities students can do, helping students retain learning and prepare for fall.
    Easy, Free, Fun Summer Reading
    Online Enrollment for New Students
    New students from families inside and outside NVUSD can be enrolled online to start school this fall!
    Enrollment Instructions
    AVID Elementary
    AVID gives students the tools and skills to be college and career ready.
    More about AVID @ NVLA
    School Reopening Plan for 2023-21
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    Reopening Plan and Options
    School News
      District News
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      NVUSD News - July 16, 2023: School Reopening Plans Posted 7/17/20
      All Families are Encouraged to Apply for Free & Reduced Meals for 2023-21 School Year 快加速网络加速器ios
      Upcoming Events
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